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Hi! Welcome to my blog. I have loved doing crafts for as long as I can remember-sewing, ceramics, painting. But I have only been involved in paper crafts for the past four years.What I love the most about paper crafts is the plethora(check out the 50 cent word) of styles and techniques in paper crafting.There is something for everyone. I hope, on this blog, to show you some of the techniqques I have learned and the cards or scrapbook pages I have made using those techniques.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Birthday Card for My Aunt

I made this card for my Aunt Anna Roses's 84th birthday. I choose to adorn the card with the"Ultimate Rose" because she is my favorite rose. Growing up, if I wasn't at my own home I was either at her house or my Aunt Libby's house. She and Aunt Libby are very, very special to me.

I made the card using my "Bookatrix" embossing board and embesllished with silver chain boarder peel off stickers. The card was then placed in a Keepsake box (handmade) then packaged in a special cardboard box for mailing. Didn't want to crush those pretty roses. Aunt Anna Rose got the love out of the card that I had for hoped for. I don't get back to my hometown in Pennsylvania as often as I like and was happy to send her my love via this card.

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